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Who Are The Best Remy Hair Wholesalers?

When searching for best Remy hair, or Remy hair store online, there will show you so many Remy hair shops, wholesalers from the search results. Nadula is one of them. We collected raw human hair and then brought to our hair factory in China where it undergoes varies stages and comes out as a premium quality weave hair extensions ready to be exported to all over the world.

There is no harmful chemicals are used in the process of processing. It all starts with washing the raw Remy hair using regular shampoo and dried naturally in sunlight. The dried hair is then hackled to remove the short hairs from the hair bundles. After Hackle, the bundles are weighed for about 100 grams per hair bundle which can be used to make braiding hair and lace closures, lace frontals, lace wigs, and hair extensions. Same bundles are made into wefts which are used to sew in weave hair.

As a professional supplier of Remy virgin hair, we wholesale and retail these best Remy hair to every customer all over the world from 13 years ago. And we have received thousands of positive evaluations from our customers.

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