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Blonde Lace Front Wig With Dark Roots, Blonde Bob Wig With Dark Roots

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Blonde Lace Front Wig With Dark Roots

Have you ever tried a blonde lace wig with dark roots? Will you want to change your hair color? The Blonde lace wig with dark roots will help you in several minutes. It is a kind of blonde ombre lace wig which has two colors. We can also call it Brown to blonde ombre wig. This kind of ombre wig is our new arrival product. It has been popular with our customers as its beautiful special color. Because of the raw material is 100 percent human hair, so it can be bleached and colored like our natural hair. Most wig wearers want their wigs to seem natural and look as close to real hair as possible. Dark roots will help create that illusion!

Blonde Bob Wig With Dark Roots

Blonde bob wig with dark roots will be the best choice if you want to try ombre bob wig. As we know, after we colored our hair to blonde or other colors, and our natural hair will grow up, this will influence the visual effect of our blonde hair. So in order to look more natural, many customers, especially for the black women, they want to put on the blonde bob wig with dark toots directly. The real reason why blonde lace front wig with dark roots has been so popular is that it allows anyone to experiment with any hair color they want without it looking too unnatural especially for those who wear wigs. For example, someone who has black hair wouldn’t want to just plop a platinum blonde wig on and call it a day, instead, they would go for a human hair wig blonde that had about one to two inches of black or brunette roots so that the ombre blonde wig could blend more naturally with their actual hair color.

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