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How To Sew In A Lace Closure ?

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Lace Closure Install

As mention to sew in with lace closure, you need to prepare for the work, wash your hair first and then prepare the tools which will be used. You can follow the steps to sew in lace closure at home. The remy lace closure bob sew in method is the same with this method.

1.Preparing Your Needle

To sew in with lace closure, one special needle is must be prepared. The type of needle that you are going to use is what you called a curved needle or a c needle. It is helpful especially when you are doing you sew in because as soon as you feed the needle under the braid, it comes directly back out of your braid because of its shape. The only reason why you’re matching your thread to your remy lace closure is that, to ensure that if at all you can see through your hair, which you shouldn't, you're not going to see the light-colored thread. Last, you will need hair cutting scissors.

2.Installing The Cap

Before installing the cap, you need to wash your hair first to make a perfect begin. You will wear the wefts and trim conclusion in your hair for quite a while, so ensure your hair and scalp are spotless and newly washed. Make sure to condition and to color your hair afterward. Additionally, your hair should be completely dried before proceeding onward. Customary cornrows items are ideal, or you can utilize something regularly, for example, shea margarine and olive oil.

Cornrow your hair

Cornrow your hair utilizing your preferred system. Keep your plaits little, and ensure that you have a twist up and down your hairline. The twists should be little to guarantee that your foundation is level. It helps the general look of the sew-in closure, causing it to seem more characteristic.

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