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Lace Front Closure Pieces Sew In, Cheap Lace Frontal Closure Ear To Ear

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Lace Front Closure Sew In

Lace front closure sew in or lace frontal closure sew in, is a kind of hair closures, it also called lace frontal closure ear to ear. The size of the lace front closure piece on Nadula hair website is a 13x4 inch. The width of the frontal hits from ear to ear and is typically worn to recreate an entire hairline. This is the best option for women with thinning edges. The ear to ear lace front closure is typically sewn onto braids or can be used to create a wig.

Lace Front Closure Weave

Lace Frontal Closure sew in also gives the option to part your hair anywhere you please, making it the most versatile option. With lace front closure weave, you can effortlessly brush your hair back into a ponytail. A lace frontal is also the perfect option for those chic half up half down hairstyles.

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