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Remy Hair Meaning,Remy Human Hair Meaning

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Remy Hair Meaning

When you trying to shop human hair extension or real hair wigs from online, you will found that there are many sellers have “Remy hair” or” Remi hair” extensions. For many black women who always wearing wigs, most of them know what dose Remy hair means.

Remy hair meaning: It is a kind of real human hair, also can be called the highest grade of hair for hair extensions, and it is human, not synthetic, hair. “Remy” refers to human hair harvested from the scalp where the cuticle is kept pointed in the same direction as the hairs next to it. This explanation is easy to understand what is Remy human hair meaning. And this is the unique characteristic that other hair products don’t have. Because all the hair flows naturally from the same direction, Remy hair stays silkier and softer. The advantage to Remy hair is it is less prone to tangles and knotting.

As this characteristic, it is welcomed by most consumers. Compared with other products, Remy human hair is the best choice when customers want human hair weaves and wigs. Other methods for harvesting hair may simply shear hair from the head and put it in a bag without regard to the way the cuticle layers of the hair line up. If you learn more about human hair weft, it will be easier for you to choose what you want. After you know the Remy hair extensions meaning, you can identify it and choose the right Remy hair extensions for yourself.

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