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Remy Hair Wigs, Remy Human Hair Wigs

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100 Remy Human Hair Wigs

Remy hair wigs refer to the human hair wigs which are made of 100 Remy human hair. These Remy wigs and toppers pay special attention to the cuticle layer, making sure that all of the scales are facing the same direction. This is very important because the cuticle layer protects the inner Cortex from the elements. When all cuticles are facing the same direction, brushing and styling push them tight to the Cortex. Closing the cuticle not only protects the hair, but it also allows light to cleanly reflect off the strand, giving it a glossy, healthy shine.

Nadula supplies cheap Remy wigs with high quality. There are different types for customers to choose, straight hair wigs, wavy wigs, and curly hair wigs. Also, we accept custom wigs for a special need.

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