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silk closure vs lace closure,silk base vs lace closure

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 silk or lace closure

There are many customers can not distinguish silk base closure vs lace closure when they trying to shop them. So about Lace vs silk closure, what is the difference between them?

Silk Closure

The silk base closure is made out of a silk-like fabric combined with swiss lace fabric. individual strands of hair are placed throughout the base of the closure. Due to its seamless appearance with hidden knots and invisible grid lines, the silk-like fabric resembles an actual scalp and can be parted in different directions enabling more versatility for the wearer. The only tweaking necessary for a silk closure is tinting the base to match your scalp. This can be done with makeup (powder/mineralized foundation, or eye shadow).  

The silk closure is much thicker than the lace closure, and you need to install it carefully to ensure a flat base, eliminating any noticeable folds and bends that may appear on the base of the silk. Due to the thickness of the silk closure, it may not conform to the wearers head-shape; Therefore it is not recommended for some people in consideration to their head shape or hairline.

Lace Closure

In comparison to the silk closure, the lace closure is naturally thinner and more flexible; It will easily conform to your head, resulting in a flat and seamless installation. However, the knots on the lace closure are visible with obvious grid lines, which can be quite noticeable if they’re not tweaked first. Lace closures normally require bleached knots to hide the black dots that can be visible after the ventilation process.

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