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Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair - Shop 100 Brazilian Human Hair From Nadula

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Brazilian 100 Human Hair

Maybe you will ask what is virgin Brazilian Remy hair if you are a first hair extension user. Remy virgin Brazilian hair means Brazilian virgin Remy human hair, it is Brazilian 100 human hair. To qualify as genuine Brazilian virgin Remy unprocessed human hair, your piece has to match a number of requirements:

1. It must never have been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, heat-treated, or chemically processed in any shape or form. This also includes harsh washes or questionable shampoo/conditioner treatments.

2. It must come from a single Brazilian donor.

3. All the cuticles must be intact and run in the same direction.

Needless to say, these are extremely high quality 100 Brazilian virgin Remy hair. And it’s not only the hair itself that’s high quality, the unprocessed Brazilian virgin Remy hair is also very versatile, from what you can do with it to how you can order it.

Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Reviews

Here, you can check some real customer reviews of Brazilian Remy virgin hair on

Product 1: Nadula Quality Brazilian Virgin Hair 3 Bundles Natural Wave Real Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave Deal

I received my package fast and was surprised how soft the hair was with no shedding. After installing the hair it lasted for a very long time. Will be ordering again.

REVIEW BY S**Y / (POSTED ON 2/19/2019)

Hello, I’ve finally received the hair & it’s so beautiful! Thank you for you guys awesomeness keep it up !!

REVIEW BY S****** / (POSTED ON 3/22/2018)

Product 2: Nadula Wholesale Best Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles Affordable Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave

So these bundles were made into a wig along with an 18in 13*6 frontal that I ordered from here about a month ago. I have an 18, 20, and 22 in bundles but I ended up using the 20 and 22 in. The shedding is minimal and the tangling at the nape is nothing serious. There is a smell but that will go away after a couple of washes. Cold water and conditioner are your best friends. Just limit the number of times you use shampoo. Now if the hair is still stiff after a wash, I recommend you deep condition it for hours in a plastic bag. The hair takes a curl well and but I only put heat on it one time. Don’t put too much product on this hair when styling it because it will become stiff. I love this hair and I will be ordering from here again.

REVIEW BY N**A / (POSTED ON 6/3/2019)

Conclusion Of Brazilian Virgin Remy Unprocessed Human Hair:

The 100 Brazilian virgin Remy unprocessed human hair is available in a variety of styles, from straight to wavy to curly, it’s typically very soft, it’s relatively thick compared to other types of hair on the market, and it’s very durable. This hair in our company is worthy. Just try to contact us to learn more about it.

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