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There are many hair suppliers wholesale virgin hair extensions online. But do you know how to find good and cheap wholesale hair distributors from the internet? Here we will introduce a guideline of it, keep reading and maybe it can help you:

1. Check the type of hair Our first tip for buying premium human hair is to carefully select the type of hair. There are different hair types, different colors, length and quality, but how do you know which type of hair is the best? Watch out for the Remy human hair extension as they are classified as the highest quality hair in the industry.

2. Quality of the human hair weft Another important reminder for purchasing quality hair extensions is to check the quality of the human hair weft. Each weft yarn should be sewn to a high standard by professional and no strands should protrude from the side. When you buy a good hair extension, you will find that even after a lot of styling, the best hair extension will not fall off.

3. Check the thickness Not only should your hair not fall out, but it should also be the same thickness from top to bottom. Before purchasing premium hair, keep the weft in the light and check for any gaps between hair. If the weft has sufficient clearance or the top is thicker than the bottom, these may not be the highest quality hair extensions on the market.

With this brief guideline, you can choose the right virgin hair wholesale distributors from those online shops.

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