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What We're Looking For?

Nadula accepts guest posts.

We are always looking for talented writers to contribute exclusive, online content. Articles should directly relate to hair, beauty, fashion or health.

Benefits Of Submitting A Guest Post Here:

Free traffic to your blog, website, Facebook page or Google+.

Increase your social network.


LengthPlease keep your submitted content not less than 800 words.

Topics: Guest posts must be on a topic related to beauty, hair, fashion, style, or accessories. Absolutely no guest posts will be accepted that would not be appropriate in topic and reading for teens or young adults.

Original Material Only: Guest posts must be original content and not in violation of any copyright. By submitting a guest post, you warrant that you have all appropriate copyright or license for the words and any other material, such as photos, that might be included and accept responsibility for any damages that might occur as a result of any copyright violations or deformation caused by your material.

Editing: Guest posts are expected to be well written with meaningful content and grammatically correct. We prefer submissions to be as close to ‘ready to publish’ as possible without needing clarification or much editing.

Links: We do not accept outside affiliate links in the body of the Guest Posts, but you can add your own website or blog in the author’s bio section.

No Contract: Acceptance of a guest post is gratuitous on our part and there is no binding contract for services or performance from us. We reserve the right to remove or alter guest posts at any time and for any reason. We don’t anticipate doing so absent a violation of one of the above rules, but regardless, we do reserve this right.

How To Submit A Guest Post?

Still Interested After Reading The Guideline? Great!

Please feel free to submit your article via Email:  marketing at nadula dot com

Please notice that we do not guarantee that every article will be published. 

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