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Yaki Hair Weave, Yaki Straight Hair

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Yaki Human Hair Weave

Yaki human hair weave, or yaki weave hair, is a kind of curly human hair, this texture has very mall curl. The Yaki straight hair also can be called kinky straight, because the curl is unconspicuous and looks like straight hair. It’s important to note that not all yaki hair is Remy hair, not all yaki hair is human hair and most yaki hair is not virgin hair. This does not take away from the quality of the hair, but it is important to keep in mind when you are making your purchase because each hair type wears differently.

Nadula offers Yaki hair bundles with the best quality. All of our yaki straight hair is made of Remy or Virgin human hair. We have Yaki hair weave with closures, 3 bundles or 4 yaki hair bundles with closures for customers to choose. All of Nadula’s hair weaves are double machine weft, so the hair is tight enough, with no tangle, no shedding. Just shop with Nadula hair coupons to get a big discount.

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